Psychotherapy is a treatment method used to tackle psychological complaints and problems.

The therapy is conducted by holding meetings with a skilled social worker: the psychotherapist.

During these meetings, you will be able to discuss your complaints and problems with the psychotherapist. The psychotherapist will help you see difficult issues in a different light, deal with painful feelings or approach difficult situations differently.

The problems for which people seek psychotherapy vary enormously. Examples of psychological problems are: fears, depressions, addictions, phobias and compulsive actions. The therapy focuses on:

  • solving and dealing with problems
  • applying unused opportunities     
  • developing insights into the past and/or the present
  • developing knowledge and skills
  • achieving empowerment (empowering)

There are many forms of psychotherapy. In many cases, psychotherapy consists of meetings between a client and a psychotherapist. Other forms of therapy focus on body oriented exercises and role-playing.