About Traumacentre Belgium

On a daily base, people of all ages are traumatized.
Trauma can be a single-time event or repeated, chronic.
Trauma can be caused by impersonal stressors such as a flood, a car accident....
Trauma can also be caused by people such as war, rape, bullying…

When trauma is caused between the parent and the child we speak of attachment trauma.
Trauma is a unique experience and there is no hierarchy of pain

These experiences and events leave a deep impact on the person, to the extent that functioning on different levels becomes difficult if not impossible.

Trauma Center Belgium offers a team of specialists, equipped with their experience and knowledge, ready to provide a sound and well-founded treatment.

Trauma Center Belgium does not offer crisis intervention, but ongoing therapy.

You can contact us on telephone no.: +32 472 24 34 61

Contacts Traumacentre Belgium


Doris D'Hooghe

Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing
Intergrative Childtherapist
EMDR Practitioner
tel : 0032 93 79 05 53
mail : doris.dhooghe [at] traumacentrum.be



Layla Brack

Clinical Psychologist
tel: 0032 468 59 40 64
mail: layla [at] traumacentrum.be



Doctor Jan Depreitere

Psychiatrist – Psychotherapist
Mindfulness Trainer
EMDR Practitioner
tel : 0032 470 400 400
mail : jan [at] traumacentrum.be

Esther Mulders

Psychomotoric Therapist
Trauma-sensitive Yoga Instructor
0032 456 30 29 67  
mail: esther [at] traumacentrum.be