About Traumacentre Belgium

Adults and children are traumatised every day.

Trauma can be triggered by one-off events and experiences, such as an accident, a hold-up, a natural disaster, or the loss of someone dear.

But trauma can also be rooted in experiences that go on for longer periods, such as sexual abuse, neglect, and teasing and baiting.

These experiences and events have a profound impact on the person, to the extent that it is difficult, if not impossible, for the individual to function normally at various levels.

Trauma Centre Belgium comprises a team of  specialists, who are ready to draw on their experience and knowledge to provide reliable treatment with all the necessary support and backing.

This service does not just involve crisis relief, but ongoing treatment and therapy.

You can contact us on telephone no.: +32 472 24 34 61

Contacts Traumacentre Belgium

Doctor Jan Depreitere

Psychiatrist - Psychotherapist


Mindfulness Trainer

EMDR Practitioner

tel : 0032 470 400 400

mail : jan [at] traumacentrum.be

Doris D'Hooghe

Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing


Intergrative Childtherapist


EMDR Practitioner

tel : 0032 93 79 05 53

mail : doris.dhooghe [at] traumacentrum.be

Layla Brack

Clinical Psychologist

tel: 0032 468 59 40 64

mail: layla [at] traumacentrum.be

Esther Mulders

Psychomotoric Therapist

Trauma-sensitive Yoga Instructor

0032 456 30 29 67  

mail: esther [at] traumacentrum.be

Daphné Lason

communication manager

mail: daphne [at] traumacentrum.be


Target Group

Adults-Married couples-Families-Teenagers

Young people-Children-Parents

In addition to the above, we would like to stress that our team is also ready to provide assistance to members of specialised teams. In this respect we are thinking of such people as members of the police forces, counsellors or relief workers. Dealing with terrible events and the victims of these events can also leave deep scars in relief workers, and these scars should not be ignored or minimised.

Therapeutic Framework

We’re all surrounded by the people we live with and traumatic experiences can change systems and patterns that are considered normal in our daily life. This can lead to misunderstandings, a difficult communication or dysfunction.

After experiencing a traumatic event, the involved parties often try to give their own meaning to what exactly happened. Sometimes these meanings can cause serious obstructions in daily life (fear, compulsion,…)

The traumatized persons enduring this will find ways to deal with these obstructions just so they can cope and live with them. Unofrtunately, these ways might cause new problems on a long-term base.

The necessity of treatment if therefore inevitable.

Our team analysis the case of every individual client thoroughly and pays attention  to body language and composure.

We practice:

-          Physically directed exercises - Hypnoses-EMDR-Psycho-education

-          Speech therapy-Comprehensive therapy